Set in the heart of the Sila Grande, a densely forested area of outstanding natural beauty 1.200 meters above sea level, Torre Camigliati is an 18th century listed baronial hunting lodge recently restored with care with care by the new owners to its original splendors. An imposing construction built on three floors, surrounded by a 200 acre private estate Torre Camigliati offers peace and tranquility whilst being ideally situated for those who wish to explore the region by foot or car.

The original owners lived here until the beginning of the past Century when the building was transformed in the most important and chic Hotel of the Region called ITAS Camigliati, for many years one of the top destinations of high tourism in Southern Italy.itas hotel

In 1924 Luigi Fera stayed there and here he wrote the famous Manifesto for the Fatherland and Democracy. In 1938 Umberto di Savoia came to visit.

In 1943 Torre Camigliati was gived back to the owners whom after the land reform of 1950 distance their selves from the Silan Lodge  ratifying  the beginning of a state of abandon that will last till 1995 when the new owners Company starts a long and complex restoration and conservation intervention that allows us today to live and admire the Torre in its original beauty.

In 1988 Torre Camigliati was declared by the National Government Historical Site and was hedged in the special – purpose assets of Italian Cultural Heritage (L.1089/39 today 490/99).

In 1998 the new owners Company decided to entrust the management to the Naples Ninetynine Foundation on a free loan to arrange cultural activities designed to promote Calabria and Southern Italy

From 2001 Torre Camigliati is the location of The Old Calabria Park unveiled by the Queen of Belgians on july the 2nd